Mother at Wray Park

Can I take this opportunity to thank ALL the staff at Wray Park for looking after Sheila during her stay.  Particular thanks also go to Catherine and Gillian for their hard work and welcome during this time. 

Kind regards and best wishes for the future.  Mark

Mother at Wray Park

Thank you so much for your emails and pics (and video) of Mum enjoying her birthday.  All these little touches mean so much and are very much appreciated. Mum always seems happy and content when we do visit. Best wished Sally.

Mother at Wray Park

A huge thank you to all the wonderful staff for looking after my Mum Janet, she always looks clean and happy, regards Diane x

Wife at Wray Park

Lovely photos and a really lovely morning thanks for all your hard work, Phil x x

Mother at Wray Park

Mum had been living at home, but her increasing health problems meant it was very difficult for us to look after her.

We thought we’d try a Care Home and chose Wray Park, primarily because there was a suitable available room and the staff seemed to very genuinely care. I’m very pleased we did; we were surprised at how well Mum adjusted – she fairly quickly became more settled than she had been for years living at home. She had a lovely room and the staff allowed us to bring a few things from home to make it more comfortable and familiar for her.

The staff are amazing. Always friendly, with never ending care and patience. They are experienced and looked after her very well, understanding who she was and treating her with respect at all times. They always welcomed us and other friends visiting, and made every effort during this pandemic to ensure we could continue our contact with Mum.

Sadly Mum recently passed away. The GP told us nearly 2 years ago to expect her to die soon, he seemed to suggest within weeks. With Wray Park’s care she lived much longer, was well looked after and in comfort.

Thank you.

Mother at Wray Park

Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to all staff at Wray Park Care Home for their continued care.

Kind regards, Claire J.

Wife at Woodside

Just wanted to let you know how very impressed i was with the staffs efforts on the 24/6 with the effort and care from the staff at woodside view to help celebrate my wife Junes birthday When i arrived she was dressed beautifully and her hair and make up was matching This is no mean feat given her condition and meant a lot to me and my family Woodside view also provided a lovely cake that was enjoyed by all

You really do have a team that goes above and beyond and i wanted to let you know how much it means to me.


Mother at Woodside

Dear Antony,

Thank you for these brilliant news. My husband and I are so very impressed by the care my husband’s mother Olga receives at Woodside View. We finally had the opportunity to visit her socially distanced in the garden on Sunday and she looked so well cared for, content and safe, which is a testimony to the good care she receives by the staff at Woodside View. We had feared that due to her severe Alzheimer’s and us not having been able to see her for several weeks due to the pandemic that Olga would have been less engaged with us . But far from it, she was quite alert and tried to interact with us which is proof that the lovely staff engage, communicate and stimulate their charges for which we are very grateful. And all that despite the added work, worries and it’s risks that COVID-19 brings.

Thank you so much to this wonderful team

Best wishes

Steve and Ulli L.

Mother at Woodside View

Hello Antony

Thank you for your letter confirming all your homes are virus free following the testing of all the staff and residents.

I would to take this opportunity to thank you and all the wonderful staff for everything you have done during this very difficult time.

It is a testament to management and staff that you have been able to protect the most vulnerable in our society in this way.

Thanks once again.


Daughter of Mrs Bowles, Woodside View.

Mother at Wray Park

Hi Anthony

Fabulous news. A blessing in amongst all the craziness. I had a joyous afternoon with mum yesterday after Catherine and Dominic were kind enough to prepare mum for socially distanced rendezvous on the front lawn. It was so lovely to spend time with mum and also allowed me to FaceTime with her sister who is also having a few issues herself so raised her spirits too. Let’s hope it’s not too long before we have got on top of this virus and can get back to something like normality.

Keep on keeping safe one and all

Kind regards


Mum at Wray Park

Dear Anthony

I wanted to send a huge thank you to all of your fabulous staff for looking after my mum – Pip (and all the residents at Wray Park).

It has been hugely reassuring to me while I’ve not been able to visit, that she is cared for, warm enough, very well fed and kept safe.

Thank you so much for their tireless dedication to their caring roles.

Many kind regards, from Claire.

Mother at Wray Park

Thank-you once again for your excellent care of my mother; we are all eternally grateful that she is in such a wonderful home and the care you are providing her with.

Warmest Regards,


A Best Wishes Note

Dear Gillian

It is a year and a day since my dad, Roy B., died at Wray Park Care Home. It seems a lifetime ago but also no time at all. I still remember the two months he spent with you with fondness at the kindness of everyone who looked after him and the true care that you all took of him. It was as though he was as important to you as he was to us. Thank you for that.

In the last couple of months, I have been wondering how you are all faring. I hope against all hope that you have been lucky and that nobody has died of the virus, either the residents or the staff, but, sadly, fear the worst. Please do not feel you have to reply. I expect you are very busy. I just wanted you to know that my thoughts are with you all at the moment.

All the very best

Sandra F.

Thank You from our M.D

Dear All at Woodside View

This is what it all means! Your unselfish human kindness! Thanks

I am very proud of you all.

Best Regards

Antony & Nicola

Wife At Woodside View

I wanted to put in writing how grateful I am to Woodside View for the care and understanding shown both to me and my wife June Hollywood during the lockdown

Whilst its very difficult not to be able to visit my wife during the lockdown I understand why and am in total agreement . I must say that the staff have helped me during this period by always keeping me fully up to date with how my wife is and arranging face time calls so we can see each other which has helped both of us

I was also offered to be able to see my wife through the window but feel that this could have an adverse effect as she would not be able to understand why I could be so close but not visit in touching distance. She is very tactile and I feel this could upset her greatly

My thanks as I say go to all staff in the home and in particular to Rosaline, Gillian, Neu ,Sinny, Marilia, Roxanne to name a few [please forgive me re spellings ]

Mr P Hollywood

Late Friend at Wray Park

To all the Carers that looked after Clifford, thank you for being so caring, jolly and lovely, you made his last months worth living and very comfortable. We will never forget you all. Lots of love from Sheila, Tina, Sylvia & Rachel xx

Mother at Wray Park

Thank you for looking after Mum, and a big Hello and Thank you to all the wonderful staff.


Mother at Woodside View

Hi there

First off, I’d like to congratulate ALL concerned with the bar-b-que you hosted at Woodside View on 25th August.

Fantastic food, great atmosphere and entertainment.

Both Mum and myself really enjoyed ourselves, so thanks to everyone invloved for their hardwork on such a hot day.

Much appreciated.

Friend at Wray Park

We are very pleased with his care, he always looks well fed and cared for and the staff are always very caring and helpful. We could not hope for better.

Thank you.

Sheila B. (Friend)

Father at Wray Park

My father moved into Wray Park in April following a couple of years where he had been cared for at his home by a 24-hour-a-day live-In carer and assorted family members. He has advanced dementia and cannot look after himself.

Since moving to Wray Park, he has been cared for extremely well. The staff attend to his personal care whenever he needs it and they feed him at mealtimes and make sure he drinks at other times with kindness and gentle humour, talking to him and engaging him in conversation if he can manage it. He tells me that they treat him respectfully.

The home call out the doctor whenever they feel he needs medical attention and they always call me so that I can talk to the GP or paramedic directly or let me know soon afterwards what has been discussed. As a result, I feel that I am kept in the loop and am a part of the decision-making process regarding my father’s health. The staff always act upon the joint decision that has been made and ensure that my father receives any treatment or medication as recommended.

Wray Park Care Home itself is a beautiful old building, clean and warm inside, with plenty of common spaces, where the residents and relatives can feel at home. Tea and coffee is always provided for visitors and there is a calm and friendly atmosphere pervading the place. Staff are always on hand to discuss how my father is getting on and the communication channels work well. My father’s room is bright and warm, with high ceilings and a huge window overlooking the garden.

I feel that I have made the right choice for my father who seems content and says that he doesn’t want to move.

Sandra Fine

Mother at Wray Park

I am writing to comment on the care my mother Mary S. has received since being allocated residence at your Reigate carehome – Wray Park, since the latter part of last year.

Mum was very keen to accept her room at Wray Park Iast year after meeting you and the team last year. She received a very warm welcome and l have tried my utmost to visit her on a weekly basis ever since.

I would like to say that l am happy with the level of care that Mum receives. Putting her mental state of mind to one side she appears healthy, eating well and taking most of her medication. I am well aware of her on- going refusal to take a drug prescribed for her mental health issues, most recently prescribed during her stay at the West Park Hospital in Epsom, but this has been the case for sometime including at her last carehome.

l know this can make her very difficult at times so l very much appreciate what you do for her.

Thank You.

Paul S. (Son)

Late Mother at Wray Park

Hello. As you know already, my mother passed away in hospital on May 8th. She was very happy in your establishment and truly loved everybody that she came into contact with. She felt safe and very comfortable and was very grateful to you all, as am I. I think you all know how I feel about you and the way you treated my mum, but I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, which is no longer as highly strung as it was the day before she moved into Wray Park. So thank you so much. Mum’s funeral will take place at Worth Crematorium on June 13th. at 11.45 and there will be refreshments at Heathy Farm opposite afterwards. You are all welcome. Stoneman are arranging the funeral and flowers are welcome, or if you prefer, donations should be made to Dementia UK. If you can make and want to, I will be very pleased to see you. Again, you have my very grateful thanks. My best regards, Frank.

Mother at Wray Park

After my mother left her previous care home because of personal issues, the staff here have made her very welcome. In some ways she is not easy to deal with, as she likes to be in control, and is very independent, yet everyone seems to be fond of her. As I work nights, it can be awkward to see her at normal times, yet the staff are always very welcoming whatever reasonable time I can visit, offering me a hot drink and always being most helpful. The room is kept clean and staff are ready to help with whatever needs doing to make mother comfortable.

I would definitely recommend Wray Park Care Home to others.

Regards Jonno

Mother at Wray Park

I would like to say how happy we are as a family with the care you provide for our mum Marion.

Whenever we visit we are greeted with warmth and kindness from all of the staff. So much so that its almost an extended family.

Mum is always clean and tidy, her hair brushed, her room is always clean and tidy. We are always offered tea or coffee and the food is good!

Overall we are extremely happy and thankful to each and everyone of you and I am sending this email with heartfelt thanks to you for everything you do. You will never know the relief it is to have mum in such good and caring hands.

Thank you and God bless you all.
Kind regards
Gayle S. (Daughter)

Mother at Wray Park

I and my family really appreciate everything that all at Wray Park did for mum and us over the years. A big weight was lifted from our shoulders the day she moved in and we have been grateful for every day she spent there since. We will never be able to express how grateful we are

Lots of love Debbie

(Jean’s daughter) xxx

Mother at Wray Park

Dear Mr Coombs, your family and wonderful staff at Wray Park xxx. God bless you all! Xxx. You are all angels from heaven xxx Thank you 🙏🏻 Thank you thank you for looking after, caring and being exceptionally kind to my beautiful mummy xxxx. Thank you for her Christmas gifts. She was delighted xxxx God bless you all xxx

Partner at Woodside View

“The staff at all levels from cleaners, chef, nurses and management are professional and attentive to my partner.”

Mother at Woodside View

“My mother has been a resident for a year now. I have always found the staff very helpful, caring and considerate. I have never had any concerns or complaint about anything in the past year.”

Mother at Wray Park

“My mum is so well cared for here. After previous home she was in, it was a worry for us. Thankfully all our worries just fell away within a few weeks. The staff are amazing, so caring and patient. The effort put in for special occasions is fantastic and the welcome always friendly with tea offered immediately and the food is very good. Mum looks happy and healthy. I couldn’t fault them in any way. So grateful.”

Mother at Wray Park

Mum has been resident for over three years now, and I am very happy with the care she receives.
The staff are wonderful – dedicated and caring and treat Mum with affection, dignity and respect.

Mum suffers with chest infections and the home is very quick to pick up on this and arrange for the GP to call.

I am made very welcome when I visit and the regular parties held for residents, families and friends are wonderful.

I have no hesitation in recommending this care home – they deal with dementia in a caring way which is lovely to see.

Father at Wray Park

“My father was admitted to Wray Park in September 2018 after spending several weeks in hospital and being turned down by many care home providers. Myself and my sister viewed Wray Park and were very impressed by the staff and their values, the transition to the home from hospital was very swift which was good for Dad as he has Dementia and at that time was very confused. The staff and manager were very helpful. They have an open door policy which is good for us as we work shifts. We visit Dad weekly and we are always made to feel very welcome. They keep us informed of Dad’s health etc at all times. Dad always looks amazing and we have no concerns with Dad’s care in Wray Park. Can’t thank them enough”.

Mother at Wray Park

“When we needed to find a home for mother, my siblings and I spent a lot of time searching for what we felt would be the best place for her needs. We were disheartened by what we found in a number of care homes, institutions which may be efficient but seemed to lack soul. In Wray Park we found a place with soul, stimulation for the residents and the most important thing, kind supportive and understanding staff”

Quote from one of our residents as shared in a compliments letter:

“ I’m so lucky to be living here, I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be living ”

Mother at Wray Park

“Dementia is a horrible condition for anyone to suffer from and a major challenge to care for, but I can see that my mother is getting the best care at Wray Park and is always well presented whenever I visit, which because of my work is rarely announced. I would happily recommend Wray Park to anyone in a heartbeat”

Mother at Woodside View

“The staff are wonderful. My mother is treated with dignity, respect and affection, and her face lights up when they walk into her room – I believe they feel like family to her, and it has taken so much pressure off of myself and my family – we can now visit and enjoy spending time with mum, secure in the knowledge that she is safe and well cared for”

Father at Wray Park

“For the first time in many months I feel that I can relax in the certain knowledge that my father’s best interests are being served by the wonderful care he is receiving in the beautiful setting of Wray Park Care Home”

Relative at Wray Park

“Nothing is too much for the staff. They treat all the residents with kindness and concern, respect and dignity (and dare I say Love?) and most importantly, as the individuals that they all are.”

Family at Care Homes of Distinction

“It feels more like a big family then an institution and this is what every family of any resident wishes to find. Thank you”

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