Wife At Woodside View

I wanted to put in writing how grateful I am to Woodside View for the care and understanding shown both to me and my wife June Hollywood during the lockdown

Whilst its very difficult not to be able to visit my wife during the lockdown I understand why and am in total agreement . I must say that the staff have helped me during this period by always keeping me fully up to date with how my wife is and arranging face time calls so we can see each other which has helped both of us

I was also offered to be able to see my wife through the window but feel that this could have an adverse effect as she would not be able to understand why I could be so close but not visit in touching distance. She is very tactile and I feel this could upset her greatly

My thanks as I say go to all staff in the home and in particular to Rosaline, Gillian, Neu ,Sinny, Marilia, Roxanne to name a few [please forgive me re spellings ]

Mr P Hollywood