Mother at Woodside

Dear Antony,

Thank you for these brilliant news. My husband and I are so very impressed by the care my husband’s mother Olga receives at Woodside View. We finally had the opportunity to visit her socially distanced in the garden on Sunday and she looked so well cared for, content and safe, which is a testimony to the good care she receives by the staff at Woodside View. We had feared that due to her severe Alzheimer’s and us not having been able to see her for several weeks due to the pandemic that Olga would have been less engaged with us . But far from it, she was quite alert and tried to interact with us which is proof that the lovely staff engage, communicate and stimulate their charges for which we are very grateful. And all that despite the added work, worries and it’s risks that COVID-19 brings.

Thank you so much to this wonderful team

Best wishes

Steve and Ulli L.