Father at Wray Park

My father moved into Wray Park in April following a couple of years where he had been cared for at his home by a 24-hour-a-day live-In carer and assorted family members. He has advanced dementia and cannot look after himself.

Since moving to Wray Park, he has been cared for extremely well. The staff attend to his personal care whenever he needs it and they feed him at mealtimes and make sure he drinks at other times with kindness and gentle humour, talking to him and engaging him in conversation if he can manage it. He tells me that they treat him respectfully.

The home call out the doctor whenever they feel he needs medical attention and they always call me so that I can talk to the GP or paramedic directly or let me know soon afterwards what has been discussed. As a result, I feel that I am kept in the loop and am a part of the decision-making process regarding my father’s health. The staff always act upon the joint decision that has been made and ensure that my father receives any treatment or medication as recommended.

Wray Park Care Home itself is a beautiful old building, clean and warm inside, with plenty of common spaces, where the residents and relatives can feel at home. Tea and coffee is always provided for visitors and there is a calm and friendly atmosphere pervading the place. Staff are always on hand to discuss how my father is getting on and the communication channels work well. My father’s room is bright and warm, with high ceilings and a huge window overlooking the garden.

I feel that I have made the right choice for my father who seems content and says that he doesn’t want to move.

Sandra Fine